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Guesthouse Uni Service GmbH

House Rules

The house rules are part of the Leasing Agreement. It will be handed out to the user with the license agreement, accepted by signature and must be observed. The Youth Protection Act, in its current version is hanging out for everyone legible at the front desk and must be strictly observed. A good co-existence in the guest house of the UNI-Service GmbH is only possible with mutual respect. In the House Rules Code of Conduct on housing in the guesthouse of the UNI-Service GmbH are combined, that serves the living, learning and relaxing, supportive living environment.
There are statements as the following:

1. Living in the guest house of the UNI-Service GmbH is only permitted on the basis of a valid license agreement.

2. The fire protection in the guest house of the UNI-Service GmbH is an important demand. The user is obliged, after moving in, to inform themselves about the fire safety arrangements, evacuation routes and alerting options and to act so that fires can be prevented. Fire protection equipment may not be damaged or limited in their function. Any misuse is prohibited.

3. Every user is obliged to handle the passed object with care, to use them only for their intended purposes and to protect against loss, damage or defilement.
This also applies to ceded technical devices. Refrigerators should be cleaned regularly and have to be de-iced at least once in four weeks. Cookers or hobs, washing machines and dryers in the central laundry room must be immediately cleaned after use (spilled detergent must be removed). Each user is required to save water, electricity and heating. During the winter months the window has to be closed when leaving the room.

4. Without the consent of the guest house of UNI-Service GmbH furnishings may not be removed from the rooms or placed additionally. If deployment of their own furniture or other items of equipment has been approved by the guest house of the UNI-Service GmbH, the site clearance has to take place no later than upon expiration of the user agreement. If this obligation is not fulfilled, there is a fee-based removal by the guest house of the UNI-Service GmbH.

5. The user is responsible for the payment of fees in relation to the GEZ in the use of radio and television sets and PC with Internet access.

6. The installation of outdoor antennas and satellite systems is not allowed.

7. Constructional and structural changes and interventions in safety and utilities (eg firing systems, gas, water and sanitation, electric power) are not allowed.

8. The setting up and operation of private hotplates, washing machines, spin dryers, electric clothes dryers, refrigerators and electric heat sources of any kind are prohibited. Exceptions require express written approval of the guest house of the UNI-Service GmbH.

9. Noise shall be avoided. The sound reproduction of technical devices must be no more than at a moderate volume. Special care has to be taken In the period from 22.00 bis 8.00 clock.

10. The keeping of animals is prohibited.

11. Damages must be indicated immediately at the reception. Necessary repairs and defects must be reported immediately (service mailbox of the house technician).

12. The keys handed out have to be kept carefully. Key losses and lock defects have to be immediately reported to the technicians. In case of loss of the handed out keys, the user is obliged to pay penalties of EUR 15.00 per key. For locks which are no longer in a working order due to improper handling and therefore have to be replaced, a penalty of € 100.00 must be paid. Unauthorized reproductions of keys, in order, expansion and destruction of locks are forbidden. House keys may not be passed on to house strangers. The front doors of the guest house of the UNI-Service GmbH have to be kept closed in the period from 20.00 bis 06.00 clock.

13. Pest infestation must be reported immediately.

14. Vehicles have to be parked in the parking lot of Papitzer road only. Infringements – in particular when such approach roads for supply and disposal or emergency vehicles are barred – justify a billable towing of vehicles. The guest house of the UNI-Service GmbH assumes no liability / warranty.

15. Bicycles must be parked only in the designated areas or in the bicycle spaces. A parking in the traffic area of the guest house of the UNI-Service GmbH (corridor, hallway, staircase, etc.) or in the living areas is not permitted. With offenses Bicycles can be removed by the technician. The UNI-Service GmbH is not liable for the safety of bicycles.

16. The depositing of objects, furniture in the hallways, stairwells, common areas, among others is not permitted.. Also, in these areas the attachment of posters, wall decoration or similar is prohibited unless special areas for this purpose are available. The attachment of flags, banners, flower boxes or similar on the windows and on the facade is not allowed. For the light and blinds on the windows, the rooms provided, should use curtains or blinds. The use of materials such as newsprint, silver foil, etc. is prohibited.

17. Smoking in the rooms, hallways, stairwells, laundry room and bike storage is prohibited.

18. The use of the lift is permissible only after prior consultation with the technicians and for the sole purpose of entry and excerpt.

19. The guest of UNI-Service GmbH makes every effort to reduce waste costs and provides opportunities for the waste separation. The users commit themselves explicitly to carry out a waste separation within the existing possibilities. For this purpose, the municipal waste disposal containers for glass, paper and cardboard have to be used. Information on details of waste separation and locations of disposal containers are available from the building services.

20 Additions to the house rules are possible and will be announced by the UNI-Service GmbH guest house of the on the notice board. These regulations must be observed alike.

21. Violations of the house rules can result in warnings and termination of the contractual relationship.