Pupils & students

SR 220,00 EUR monthly (14 m²)
SR 255,00 EUR monthly (19 m²)

Double rooms or Appartement on request

The price includes utilities such as electricity heating, water
and sewage. Our comfortably furnished student rooms are equipped as follows:

  • Fitted kitchen in every room
  • fridge
  • Duo hotplates
  • Telephone / ISDN connection, Wi-Fi access bookable
  • Prepared for cable TV
  • Shower and toilet (two units share a bathroom)

We also offer:

  • Washer, dryer, drying room
  • Bicycle storage
  • parking

Additional Information:
A copy of the study certificate or the apprenticeship contract must be shown on arrival. The deposit of 440,00 EUR has to be paid in cash on the date of moving in. Smoking is strictly prohibited in the buildings at Papitzer Straße 4 and 5.

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